• Image of Cure by Color Painting Class
  • Image of Cure by Color Painting Class

- Beginner's Class

-- 10 SEATS PER CLASS - First come first serve! --

*Designed for those with little to no painting experience - a nice fit for those who haven’t really painted before and are looking to start*
(Though if you have some experience and still want to play with paint, you are still more than welcome to sign up!) :)

A 2.5 hour watercolor class where we will casually play with paint and discuss the incredible role that color plays in our lives. We are all drawn to specific colors, some of them even repel us! During this class, not only will we think about why that is but we’ll also explore the psychological/spiritual power of intentionally bringing these colors into the spaces around us. Once we become more comfortable with the materials, we will finish the class by painting our own customized moons!

(All materials are provided for)

Located at 56 Arbor Street #315, Hartford CT 06106